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From Patmos is an original musical depicting the life of John while on the Island of Patmos. The show was written and co-created by Joel Sorge, Justin Rizzo, Juel Perry, and Danielle Rizzo. The show debuted in April 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri, where nine sold-out shows were performed. An additional musical review of the songs was performed in 2013 and by popular demand, the songs from this show were recorded by the original cast and released in 2015.


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The Story

Left to live out his final days in a remote island prison, the Apostle John has spent countless lonely days and nights looking back on a lifetime of memories. He remembers vividly the days of oppressive Roman rule in his homeland of Israel, when both the joys and trials of life with Jesus were intensifying.

On this seemingly ordinary night in his prison cell, John's memories are unexpectedly interrupted when Jesus appears before him. This time their destination is Heaven, where John receives the visions that would become the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Journey back in time with the disciple that Jesus loved as he relives memories of a life with Jesus and is visited one final time by his Savior and friend.

Track List

  1. Introduction  
  2. I Remember- Exiled in prison on the Island of Patmos, the aging Apostle John is sustained by memories of his time with Jesus decades earlier.
  3. To Bethlehem- John thinks back to the prophecy of his Savior's birth and the night of His arrival.
  4. Lightning Falling - John remembers an encounter between Jesus as a youth and the fallen angel, Satan. He then reflects on the maturity Jesus gains over the years as He grows in wisdom and favor and is ready to begin His ministry. 
  5. Where is the Coming of Messiah- John vividly recalls crying out, along with Mary of Bethany and their families, for their Messiah to come.
  6. It's Time- John remembers the wedding in Cana, where he watches Mary, the mother of Jesus, talking to her Son about the time for Him to be revealed to the world.
  7. It's a Miracle - At the same wedding, Mary of Bethany marvels at what her eyes are beholding - her friend, Jesus, turning water into wine.
  8. I Never Knew - John replays in his mind a riveting and unforgettable scene in which an adulterous woman processes the experience of receiving Jesus' forgiveness for her sins.
  9. Jesus in the Garden- John is gripped by the memory of Jesus crying out to his Father in the Garden of Gethsemane and the demonic conflict that arises.
  10. Forsaken- John's reflections on a day forever etched in his memory, the day his beloved friend and Savior is crucified.
  11. The Firstborn- John reminisces about rejoicing with his friends, Lazarus, Mary of Bethany, and Martha, at the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
  12. Come Up Here- Now back in the present on the Island of Patmos, John acknowledges that all that is left of the friend he misses so intensely are these vivid but distant memories. Facing continued captivity and persecution, John cries out to the Lord and Jesus answers, appearing to John in his cell. 
  13. Finale- John is taken up into Heaven and given the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Overwhelmed by the magnitude of what he has just received, John's desire is to marvel at it and his mandate is to share it, but in this moment, he is simply compelled to worship the One at the center of it all.


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